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Job and internship seekers interested in these employers should visit the specific agency websites to see vacancies. You can learn about these /1888.txt on the website.


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Successful completion of two full years at the master’s level in a related field would also be applicable, or a combination of the two. Specialized training for which you have received an accredited certificate of completion should be mentioned, even though it may not seem relevant. While I have never had occasion to use this particular skill as a National Park Service historian, graduating from the highly regarded military institution may have further validated my linguistic capabilities.

My knowledge of Spanish—particularly relevant when I applied for my first permanent historian position with San Antonio Missions National Historical Park—would have appeared in sharper focus because I was skilled in Chinese as well.

Bottom line: do not discount previous training as irrelevant to the job for which you are applying. If you are simply looking for any job within the federal system, www. Once you have specified the agency, advance to “Search Jobs” to locate the specific job vacancy for which you wish to apply.

Once a specific position posting is located on the web site, different tabs connect to pages that provide the applicant with the particulars of the job including duty location, job summary, type of appointment, pay grade, salary range, and, most important, the deadline date for application submittals. Be certain to note the vacancy announcement number that you will use throughout the remainder of the process to identify the particular job for which you are applying.

A deeper search within the vacancy announcement will lead you to the “Duties” tab. Read this section carefully as it details in precise terms what is expected of you in this position. This section also contains detailed information about the benefits associated with the job. Finally, this section provides the name and address of the hiring authority to whom you will submit the application and a telephone and Internet point of contact should you have additional questions that need to be answered.

The latter provides an excellent opportunity to inquire about information generally not provided in the standard vacancy announcement, yet is critical to making your decision to accept or reject a job offer. For example, many national parks and monuments are located within urban localities that are notorious for their excessive cost of living, such as San Francisco, Santa Fe, Washington, D.

Conversely, park ranger positions are often assigned to some of the nation’s remotest areas—for example, the Mohave Desert, the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountain West, the Navajo Reservation, or Alaska. In these cases, the applicant must be aware of what limitations affect the availability of park housing as well as the suitability of the existing dwellings. If the park unit or office to which you have applied is easily accessible, a personal visit to familiarize yourself with your prospective work environment is advisable.

The “Qualifications and Evaluation” tab in this section constitutes, in my view, the most significant portion of the application process. These require a thoughtful, narrative response and should be considered the equivalent of the assessment of your research and publication capabilities in the standard academic interview.

The response should not only be brief yet comprehensive, but should also not deviate from the question being asked. How well prepared you are for the specific job and what relevant skills and abilities you bring to the task at hand are determined for the most part from the KSAs. Inasmuch as a personal interview is very unlikely during this process, how you present yourself in writing will determine the manner in which your application is “rated.

Be prepared for painfully broad questions to which brief but specific responses are expected. I am reminded of my first attempt to answer the KSAs required for the historian position in San Antonio. I agonized over the question: “Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing in the Spanish language. An adequate but concise response eluded me. At this juncture, my year-old son, who had been observing my personal anguish, asked me what was wrong. My point here, however, is that you should be precise in making your abilities relevant to the job requirements.

The email must include your full name, your AU school, and your graduation date. The online application and test period is September 28 – October 12, USAJobs is the starting point for most job searches in the federal government. This website allows you to search for openings by occupation, location, pay grade, government agency, keyword, and other criteria. You can even sign up for an email alert that informs you of new job openings.

Job and internship seekers interested in these employers should visit the specific agency websites to see vacancies. Applying for federal jobs is not the same as applying for private sector jobs. Resumes for federal employment are unique.

Learn more and start crafting yours today. Most federal jobs will require you to complete a questionnaire as part of your application. These questionnaires range widely in length and ask questions related to the core set of qualifications that the agency seeks in a candidate. When possible, the Career Center suggests reviewing these questions and drafting answers in advance to allow adequate time to thoroughly consider your responses. Your resume and questionnaire will be reviewed and a numerical score will be tabulated based on the information you provide in your application.

Points are given for related education, experience, special skills, and awards. The maximum score for most candidates is , while some veterans may qualify for a higher score. Review the “Required Documents” section of the announcement to determine which documents apply to you. You have three options for submitting your documents:. If you indicated in USAJOBS that you did not want to attach demographic information, the remainder of the question responses will be blank. If you wish to change your demographic responses, or want demographic information to be attached, you must make these changes in your USAJOBS account.

During this final step, you can review your entire application prior to submission. You must click the ‘Submit Application’ button at the bottom of this final page to submit your application. Confirmation Page: You will receive confirmation that your application has been submitted successfully on this page. You have 3 options on this page:. Please try again later. No results could be found for the location you’ve entered. Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, U.

Territories and Possessions are set by the Department of Defense. Rates for foreign countries are set by the State Department. The End Date of your trip can not occur before the Start Date.


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